Michelle Lang & Still Water are a 10 piece band hailing from Seattle, Washington.  Formed in 1999, this group of artists and ministers quickly and obviously shifted what it meant to be a gospel band!  While grounded with a strong gospel message, the ministry of MLSW challenges and shifts old understandings with new and progressive thought and sound!  Be it through music, song, spoken word, dance or dramatic expression, Michelle Lang and Still Water believe that when presented well, gospel music challenges, inspires and even provokes us to respond.  The mission of MLSW is to paint pictures of the Gospel that inspire the listener to a life of love and faith in Christ.  The music of MLSW is a seamless & infectious contemporary blend of styles and genres that truly defy categorization and appeal to audiences of all types.  With over 15 years of recording and performing experience, MLSW has a repertoire and a stage command that is as comforting as it is compelling.   Whether they sing to a small audience or to an arena, they have been known to lead an encounter that leaves a lasting and unforgettable impression.

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